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Tandem flight

Tandem flying is an aerial adventure involving two people: The tandem pilot and the passenger. The passenger is attached to a paraglider along with the instructor, who is responsible for piloting the paraglider during the flight. No flying experience is required on the part of the passenger, making tandem flying a suitable activity for everyone from beginners to extreme sports enthusiasts.

Who can fly?

Almost anyone can do a tandem flight with a paraglider, there are no age limits.

The passenger must weigh at least 25 kg and max. 100 kg. It is also necessary that he/she be able to run at least 20 meters.

With much pleasure I also offer this adventure to Muslim women! 

We strongly recommend that you bring sturdy shoes (better if they support your ankles), a windbreaker, gloves and some sunglasses.


Flight preparation

Before your tandem flight, we will provide a brief training to familiarize you with the equipment and safety procedures. Our instructor will guide you step by step, explaining everything you need to know and answering your questions.


Takeoff and flight

Once you are ready, your instructor will guide you to the take-off point. During the takeoff phase, the instructor will take care of getting you up in the air while you enjoy the thrill of soaring. Once in the air, you can relax and enjoy the scenery while the instructor pilots the paraglider and takes you to explore breathtaking scenery.


At the end of the flight, the instructor will guide you in landing safely and comfortably. Remember to follow the instructor's instructions throughout the process to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Age and requirements

Tandem paragliding is a suitable experience for almost everyone. Age and weight requirements vary depending on local regulations and the specifications of the equipment used. Please contact us for more information on specific requirements for different locations and to discuss any special needs.


Who can fly?

Almost anyone can do a tandem flight with a paraglider, there are no age limits.

Flight baptism

Do you dream of touching the sky but don't know where to start? Our "Baptism of Flight" is the perfect experience for you! This package has been specially created for those approaching the world of paragliding for the first time and wishing to experience the thrill of tandem flying.

Price 180CHF

G0015115 - Copia.JPG

Thermal flight

Our "Thermal Flight" package is your chance to explore the sky in a whole new way. Thermal flight uses sun-warmed air currents, called thermal currents, to gain height and fly greater distances.

Price 220CHF

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