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Thermal flight


220 chf


20/45 minutes

Our "Thermal Flight" package is your chance to explore the sky in a whole new way. 

Thermal flight uses sun-warmed air currents, called thermal currents, to gain height and fly greater distances. It is a technique used by migratory birds and paragliders to explore the sky.

Here's what the "Thermal Flight" package includes:

1- Pre-flight briefing: Our expert instructor will give you a detailed overview of thermal flying techniques, helping you understand how to use thermal currents to gain height and fly greater distances.

2- Tandem Flight: You will take to the air with our instructor, who will guide the paraglider using the thermal currents. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience long-distance flying and watch how the instructor maneuvers the paraglider.

3- Post-flight debriefing: After landing, you will have the opportunity to discuss the flight with the instructor, who will answer all your questions and give you tips on how to improve your thermal flying skills.

4- Photos and videos: Just like for the "Baptism of Flight", we offer the possibility of having photos and videos of your thermal flight experience, to allow you to share the memories with your loved ones. The service has an additional cost of 40 chf.

"Thermal Flight" is an exciting experience for those looking to go further and want to explore the beauty of tandem flying in more depth. Contact us for more details or to book your "Thermal Flight" with Eagle Tandem Fly.


The thermal conditions allow us to sail like eagles flying over the landscape and enjoying the breathtaking viewhiatus.

  • Duration is between 20-45 minutes depending on thermal conditions

  • Insurance

  • Equipment

Price 220 francs

+ 40 CHF optional for  video and photo service

Your instructors

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